About the Buck Lake Association

The Buck Lake Association (BLA) is a not-for-profit voluntary organization. Our members are residents and cottagers of Buck Lake in South Frontenac, Ontario. The association is committed to the long term health and enjoyment of our lakes and the watershed.

There are about 400 seasonal and permanent residences around Buck Lake.

The BLA currently has about 140 members. If you aren’t one already, please join us!

What the Buck Lake Association Does for Me

By Duncan Sinclair

When my family became cottagers in 1967, we got to know fellow Buck Lakers at the BLA’s annual picnic. There our children met others of the little gangs that roamed the summer woods, swam at the sandbar, jumped off the rocks, and became the friends they remain today. We learned when and where the picnic was going to be by a note left under a rock on each dock.

Now we find out what’s going on in a newsletter published electronically every month in summer and less frequently in winter. It is sent to members and non-members, seasonal and permanent residents alike, everybody for whom it has an e-mail address.

What does the BLA do?

Its mission statement is To enhance people’s enjoyment of Buck Lake now and for future generations. It has three overall goals:

  • To foster the community through the support of social events such as the summer picnic, a weather-permitting winter carnival, the “Send a Kid to Camp” Boatilla, the Murder Mystery, Monday morning golf, by welcoming newcomers to the lake and by establishing a Buck Lake Directory
  • To protect the lake and its environment by marking shoals, water sampling through the Lake Partners’ program, preparation of a formal Lake Plan, and by sponsoring education sessions and nature walks
  • To represent the interests of Buck Lakers to “officialdom”, the Township Council, Conservation Area, Federation of Cottager’s Associations, etc., and to protect the participants in its activities with liability insurance.

Because communication is key to every aspect of the mission, in addition to the newsletter, the BLA maintains this website and a sign on Highway #10, alerting people of coming events.

The BLA is led by a Board of a dozen residents, some permanent and some seasonal, drawn from different parts of the lake, elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting held each summer. It usually meets monthly and is always anxious to get “feedback” from all Buck Lakers on how the Association can better serve our wonderful lake and community. Please be in touch. You can contact us at BuckLakeAssoc@nullgmail.com.

The BLA Board

Up to 12 individuals are elected to to BLA Board for two year terms at the Annual General Meeting held in late June or early July in Perth Road Village at the church hall. The Board then elects a President,  Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Archivist. Other board members work on the various sub-committees such as Social & Community Outreach, Communications, Friends of the Lake (Environmental) and Government Relations. See the current board.

The following is a summary of work undertaken by your (volunteer!) board of directors:

  • Producing and distributing newsletters and informative bulletins
  • Planning the annual general meeting
  • Dealing with these provincial and federal government agencies with respect to issues of water quality:
  • Providing information and advice to the Township of South Frontenac on all matters pertaining to Buck Lake and its environs
  • Attending and often contributing to meetings of the township council and committee of adjustment dealing with matters pertaining to Buck Lake and its environs
  • Maintaining the accounts of the association
  • Collecting and dealing with correspondence
  • Maintaining the association’s membership in and contact with the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations and the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation
  • Sharing information with other area lake and environmental associations, attending meetings of these groups on occasion
  • Promoting and fostering a spirit of community
  • Responding to the concerns of members
  • Recruiting new members
  • Promoting safe boat practices
  • Collecting and distributing information to members on candidates for South Frontenac municipal elections
  • Upholding the constitution and by-law of the association, and proposing amendments to them as circumstances warrant