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2 days ago

Grayden McClurg

FYI Westport Pharmacy has a Service Ontario within. Better than standing in line for half an hour in Kingston. ...


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Great to know.

Rhonda Jarvis

Thanks Grayden

Also avoid the Division / 401 location like the plague

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4 days ago

Grayden McClurg

OPP need assistance to return stolen tools. See attached. ...

OPP need assistance to return stolen tools. See attached.

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Boat Gas Cans ? Have had about 5 stolen in the last 4 years. Since carting them back and forth haven't lost 1. Soo many People believe what's yours is theirs Lately, very Sad

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1 week ago

Jeff Peck


I am happy to report that it was announced today that we were successful at the OMB.

“It is the Board’s conclusion that as the case law has evolved, and as s.34(9((a) is drafted, all owners who use legal non-complying buildings and structures on their lands have an acquired right that cannot be modified or taken away. Such rights include the right to demolish and reconstruct a building or structures. Such rights also include the right to seek planning approval to expand or enlarge the legal non-complying building”

The OMB rejected SFTs claim that the amendment was merely “housekeeping”. The OMB disagreed with SFTs distinction between non-complying structures and non-conforming uses. Most importantly, the OMB agreed that grandfathered property owners have rights to use and maintain their cottage/house/cabin including the right to reconstruct on the same footprint regardless of the reason.

This appeal took a significant amount of time and money from hundreds of supporters across SFT. I look forward to working with the Township moving forward so we can modernize our waterfront planning process


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Congratulations, Jeff, and well done. How is the money supply on our side? Duncan

Thanks Jeff. Good job.

Jeff that's great news! Well done. Appreciate all your efforts on this. As Duncan mentioned how did it balance out financially? If it is negative I am sure people would be more than happy to contribute to help make up any shortfall.

I agree - thanks so much for your efforts. Do let us know if a financial contribution is still needed.

This is a important win . Good for peace of mind that we have some rights on our land. Thank you so much.

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3 weeks ago

Darren Sullivan

Thank you so much for allowing me to join your page. For years I have been to buck lake to enjoy the fishing. I was introduced to the lake by Gerry Patterson a great friend and former co-worker. I knew how much he enjoyed it there before his accident. I enjoy sitting on the lake enjoying the peace and quiet taking time to remember Gerry and reflecting on life. Can anyone join the association by paying the Membership fee? ...


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Dear Darren: Gerry was a friend who was drowned while fishing almost opposite my house. Buck Lake is indeed a marvellous place. The Buck Lake Association would welcome your membership and your participation in the activities we have to strengthen our community of interest. Duncan Sinclair

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3 weeks ago

Laurie Faith

Any information on the ice? ...

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Apparently the north branch up around by the culvert is not thick. But there were lots of people out from the north branch narrows down to Steamboat Island. A couple of ice fishing huts north of the island.

Stay out of the Narrows. It’s open along the shoreline from the current. PLEASE.

Ken is speaking of the South Branch South end. We are South of those narrows and have 6+ ice.

I'm curious about the ice around Birch Island. The ice just north of the island, from that little narrows on up.

I have no way of finding out. I don't know anyone right close to there.

I'm going to be at the Lake this weekend and wondering about skating or walking. Got some good, cold days between now and then...

There’s 18” on Simcoe right now so I’d imagine there’s about the same there, Hit up Canadian tire and grab a hand crank ice auger, That way you can also check for yourself!

We use a battery drill with a bit about 6 inches long to drill the ice.

Thanks Sean and Grayden!!

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