Members' Photos

This is an archive of photographs submitted since 2001 by residents of Buck Lake to We now encourage members to join our Facebook Group at!/groups/132270000194765/ and post your photos or videos shot on and around the lake there.

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Herons1NB.jpg Herons1NBHiRes.jpg Heron family in the nest on Twin Island, North Buck. (Photo by Stephen Roughton)
Herons2NB.jpg Herons2NBHiRes.jpg Mother heron demonstrates takeoff attitude for her large offspring. (Photo by Stephen Roughton)
BlackRatSnakeNB.jpg BlackRatSnakeNBHiRes.jpg A beautiful (to some eyes!), beneficial black rat snake hunting for mice or moles near a cottage on North Buck. This one is over four feet long, which is common for the type. (Photo by Richard Linley)
Waterfall3NB.jpg Waterfall3NBHiRes.jpg Heavy spring rains have multiplied the amount of water gushing into Buck North from the waterfall at Slide Lake taken on the Victoria Day weekend. Compare this with a similar shot taken at the same location in May 2002 further down on this page! (Photo by Heidi Linley.)
YoungLoonSB.jpg YoungLoonSB.jpg Young loon with parent. The baby is growing up quickly! (Photo by Carolyn Giles.)
OspreyWithChickSB.jpg OspreyWithChickSB.jpg Protective osprey mom and chick. (Photo by Carolyn Giles.)
LoonWithBabies.jpg LoonWithBabiesHiRes.jpg Mother with chicks. (Taken from a safe distance by Carolyn Giles. Papa Loon was nearby on guard duty.)
OspreysOnNestSB.jpg OspreysOnNestSBHiRes.jpg The osprey nest on the South Branch is once again home to a nesting pair. Out of sight in the male's talons is the fish he has brought home to his mate. (Photo by Carolyn Giles.)
LoonNesting.jpg LoonNestingHiRes.jpg On the nest! Two signs of a healthy shoreline: A nesting loon and a sweet gale shrub. (Photo by Carolyn Giles, taken with a telephoto lens at a loon-friendly distance.)
January2010SB.jpg January2010SBHiRes.jpg January 2010 on the south branch. (Photo by John Ihnat.)
MorningFrostSB.jpg MorningFrostSBHiRes.jpg Morning Frost on the south branch. (Photo by Caroline Giles.)
Autumn2009SB.jpg Autumn2009SBHiRes.jpg Autumn 2009 comes to the south branch. (Photo by Grayden McClurg.)
LightningAtSunsetJune2009NB.jpg LightningAtSunsetJune2009HiResNB.jpg An enhanced-colour shot showing a distant streak of lighting at sunset over Frontenac Park in June 2009. (Photo by Richard Linley.)
Autum2008SB.jpg Autum2008SBHiRes.jpg A serene, hazy autumn day in 2008. (Thanks to Susan & David Curran.)
RedTrilliumSB.jpg RedTrilliumSBHiRes.jpg A rare red trillium on Narrows Lane, May 2008. (Thanks to Grayden McClurg.)
MothNB.jpg MothNBHiRes.jpg A female imperial moth (Eacles imperialis) visits a Buck Lake north cottage in early July 2007 The wing span is about 5.5 inches (14 cm). (Photo by Richard Linley.)
PulpitSB1969.jpg PulpitSB1969HiRes.jpg Scan of a slide taken of Pulpit Rock in 1969 during a fishing trip. (Thanks to John Lonneville.)
Spring2006SB3.jpg High-resolution image not available. Spring comes to the South Branch in this photo and the two following. (Thanks to Janet Roffe.)
Spring2006SB2.jpg High-resolution image not available. (Thanks to Janet Roffe.)
Spring2006SB1.jpg High-resolution image not available. (Thanks to Janet Roffe.)
.jpg HiRes.jpg Looking south from Porcupine Island across the channel to Buck Island, Summer 2004. (Thanks to Cyril Cook.)
.jpg HiRes.jpg The waterfall at the north end of the south basin, emptying into Massasauga Creek, May 2004. (Thanks to Cyril Cook.)
Sunset20Aug2004NB.jpg Sunset20Aug2004NBHiRes.jpg Another lovely summer 2004 sunset, this shot taken at the culvert. (Thanks to Lisa Bumbala.)
Sunset20Aug2004NB.jpg Sunset20Aug2004NBHiRes.jpg One of the glorious sunsets of August 2004. Looking past the point of Green Island toward Frontenac Park. (Photo by Richard Linley.)
FallContrastsSB.jpg FallContrastsSBHiRes.jpg Fall (2004) contrasts on the south basin. (Thanks to David Smith.)
SummerOverSB.jpg SummerOverSBHiRes.jpg Summer is over... (Thanks to David Smith.)
DockUpSB.jpg DockUpSBHiRes.jpg ... And the dock is up. (Thanks to David Smith.)
BentCedarSB.jpg BentCedarSBHiRes.jpg A cedar on Birch Island takes a 90° turn out of a rock wall. (Thanks to David Smith.)
TreesInRockSB.jpg TreesInRockSBHiRes.jpg A large tree and several smaller ones eke out a precarious living from a rock wall on the south basin. (Thanks to David Smith.)
HeronNB.jpg HeronNBHiRes.jpg A blue heron does a low-level flypast of Twin Island on the north basin. (Photo by Heather Linley.)
FishingAtSunsetNB.jpg FishingAtSunsetNBHiRes.jpg Anglers try their luck over a weed bed as the sun dips slowly behind Frontenac Park in July 2004. (Photo by Richard Linley.)
MistyMorningNB.jpg MistyMorningNBHiRes.jpg Green Island slowly appears on a cool and misty morning in July 2004. (Photo by Richard Linley.)
HummerNB.jpg HummerNBHiRes.jpg A female ruby-throated hummingbird pauses en route to the feeder to eyeball the photographer. (Photo by Richard Linley.)
SkatingRinkSB.jpg SkatingRinkSBHiRes.jpg Skating rink and paths on the south basin, courtesy of Carl Schenk. (Thanks to David Smith.)
WinterSunsetSB.jpg WinterSunsetSBHiRes.jpg Winter sunset on the south basin. (Thanks to David Smith.)
FallColours2NB.jpg FallColours2NBHiRes.jpg Thanksgiving weekend 2003 shot of a maple-leaf-shaped maple on the north basin.
FallColours1NB.jpg FallColours1NBHiRes.jpg Another colourful Thanksgiving weekend 2003 shot on the north basin at Twin Island Lane.
PredawnNB.jpg PredawnNBHiRes.jpg A lovely pre-dawn shot taken facing east across the narrows on the north basin. (Thanks to Bob Stack.)
DawnNB.jpg DawnNBHiRes.jpg Same setting, at the crack of dawn. (Thanks to Bob Stack.)
PulpitSB.jpg PulpitSBHiRes.jpg A fine study of Pulpit Rock, a.k.a. Devil's Pulpit, on the south basin. (Thanks to David Smith.)
BirchIsSB.jpg BirchIsSB.jpg A gorgeous shot on the south basin, looking north, with Birch Island on the right. (Thanks to David Smith.)
ViewOfBirchIsSB.jpg ViewOfBirchIsSB.jpg An older (2002?) gorgeous shot on the south basin, looking across to Birch Island. (Thanks to David Smith.)
BlueFlagPI.jpg .jpg Blue flag iris (iris versicolor) on the shore of Porcupine Island. (Thanks to Janet Roffe.)
Fire01GFL.jpg Fire01GFL.jpg This and the next three shots are of a July 2002 fire at Goldfish Lake, TOO CLOSE to Buck Lake.
Fire02GFL.jpg Fire02GFL.jpg The cause was a camp fire that was thought to have been extinguished.
Fire03GFL.jpg Fire03GFL.jpg Smoke drifts eerily through the scorched woods.
Fire04GFL.jpg Fire04GFL.jpg Fire fighters had to return to the scene for each of several days after the original fire to put it out again and again.
DavidGrouse1NB.jpg DavidGrouse1NB.jpg A self-tamed ruffed grouse — inappropriately named "Goose" by the photographer's daughter — joins the photographer's son for lunch at her cottage on the north basin. The human looks less comfortable than the grouse! (Thanks to Heidi Linley.)
DavidGrouse2NB.jpg DavidGrouse2NB.jpg "Goose" senses that no handouts are forthcoming, and makes a beeline for the photographer's yummy-looking petunias instead. (Thanks to Heidi Linley.)
Waterfall1NB.jpg Waterfall1NB.jpg Water boils up from the swollen cascade from Slide Lake into the north basin during the wet May of 2002. (Thanks to Heidi Linley.)
Waterfall2NB.jpg Waterfall2NB.jpg A second cascade from Slide Lake into the north basin appeared well south of the "usual" one during the wet, wet spring of 2002. (Thanks to Heidi Linley.)
BowShotNB.jpg BowShotNB.jpg A shot across the bows off Green Island on the north basin during the hot, dry summer of 2001. (If you are using a PC and have Active Desktop set to "Show Web content", you'll find the hi-res version of this picture makes a nice wallpaper image.)
Dec2001SB.jpg Dec2001SB.jpg A lovely shot of the not-yet-frozen lake seen through trees along the south basin. (Thanks to David Smith.)
WildTurkeysBlPk.jpg WildTurkeysBlPk.jpg Wild turkeys at Bluewater Park. (Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)
FawnBlPk.jpg FawnBlPk.jpg A fawn at Bluewater Park. (Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)
DrinkBlPk.jpg DrinkBlPk.jpg Stopping for a drink at Bluewater Park. (Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)
BuckBlPk.jpg BuckBlPk.jpg A buck at Bluewater Park. (Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)
TwoBucksBlPk.jpg TwoBucksBlPk.jpg Two bucks at Bluewater Park. (Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)
FourBucksBlPk.jpg FourBucksBlPk.jpg Four bucks at Bluewater Park. (The bucks stop here! Thanks to Sharon Reddrop.)