Buck Lake Community Watch

Editor's note: Though it is not directly associated with BLA, the goals of the Community Watch are certainly compatible with the Buck Lake Association's, and communication between the organizations is frequent and mutually productive.

Buck Lake Community Watch

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7373 Perth Road
Perth Road Village, ON, K0H 2L0

Mission Statement: To reduce opportunities for criminal activity through a Community Watch established to exchange information about crimes, or suspicious events, that have been noted by any member of the Community Watch, or the Police.


  1. To establish a centre for the gathering and dissemination of information, from and to BLCW members.
  2. To establish effective links with the policing authority of South Frontenac Township, including two way communication with the Ontario Provincial Police.
  3. To undertake programs of education in matters of crime prevention of interest to all BLCW members.

Organization: The Buck Lake Community Watch is administered by a Chairperson, a Recorder, and four Executive Members. The essential work of the Community Watch, however, is carried out by thirty-four Contact Persons (CPs) — approximately one for every ten members. These CPs act as the focal point of the Watch in various locales around the Lake and determine the plans and policies of the organization at its quarterly meetings. They are all volunteers. To locate the CP for your area, call 613-353-6087, or send e-mail to the address below.

NB: A database of member information is maintained by the Recorder, including alternate persons to contact concerning Fire or Police emergency situations.

For more information, contact us by e-mail at remed@kos.net

Link to the South Frontenac OPP Web site: http://www.crimealerts.net/kingston.htm